We are honored to have been awarded the Seed of Strength grant at their award ceremony in May of 2023. Each year, Seeds of Strength pools the annual membership donations, accepts and evaluates grant applications from local nonprofits, and then distributes grant awards based on a democratic selection of grantees by the membership. We are thankful to have been selected this year. 

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Annunciation Maternity Home provides housing and related services to young mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy.


For young women in crisis pregnancies and their children, we offer exceptional housing, educational opportunities, and access to health services to empower them in their journey toward independence.

Watch the video below to hear from our Executive Director on why AMH is such a special place for young girls in need.

Watch the video below to hear from the Director of the Infant Development Center on how we help young moms learn the skills they need to take care of their babies.



A best-practice, model community that transforms the lives of all young women experiencing a crisis pregnancy, and the lives they touch, by offering them a new beginning.

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We took the month of December to reflect on what the birth of Christ means to us here at AMH. Watch this video to hear what our board members’ thoughts on this topic!


Core Values

We are guided by faith based principles. Accordingly, we will:
•   Respect and value all human life;
•   Be loving, caring, respectful, and forgiving;
•   Offer a safe and healthy environment;
•   Offer hope and encouragement to those we serve;
•   Be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

Our services are offered without regard to religious belief, and we make no religious demands on those who come to us for help.

Hear from our board members on why AMH needs your support:



To live and exemplify the charism of the Annunciation of Mary, depicted in the Gospel of Luke, for pregnant women:
•   By teaching that they are blessed and loved by God;
•   By showing God’s unconditional love for them;
•   By teaching faith in God’s will and plan for their lives.


Watch this video to hear the inspiring story of Grace Davis, a former resident at AMH who now works here! Please consider donating to AMH to continue supporting girls like Grace.

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AMH Stories

Julie’s Story

Julie came to Annunciation Maternity Home when she was seven months pregnant. She lived at AMH for 18 months but returned to a boyfriend who had been in and out of jail. Quickly realizing AMH was the best place for her and her baby, she called and asked if she could return.

Julie’s background has inspired her to do better for herself and her baby. She wants to be the best mom she can be and provide a good life for her family.

Julie is currently enrolled in an Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Austin Community College and feels very hopeful about the future. She is receiving Counseling and Case Management services and actively participates in life skill and parenting classes. She has set goals for herself and AMH is helping her achieve those goals.

She has a strong faith in God and trusts His plan for her and her baby. Julie appreciates the staff at AMH and understands they have her best interest at heart and want to see her succeed.

Annunciation Maternity Home provides free housing, high school, Infant Development Center, and full wrap-around services for moms needing support, just like Julie. Please consider donating to Annunciation Maternity Home so we can continue to help more moms like her!


Valerie’s Story

Valerie, the oldest of eight siblings, came to Annunciation Maternity Home in the fall of 2022 after hearing about the program from a friend. She reached out to us stating the following, “I want to get back on my feet.  I want to provide a better life for my daughter, and I want us to be safe.”

Valerie lives on the AMH campus, where her 16-month-old baby attends the Infant Development Center while she is in High School to complete and receive her diploma. She would like to pursue a Criminal Justice path or work towards receiving an Occupational Therapy Assistant certificate.  

When Valerie talks about her family, she notes they are not involved in her daily life. “The staff and other moms are my family.”

Annunciation Maternity Home provides free housing, high school, Infant Development Center, and full wrap-around services for moms needing support like Valerie. Please consider donating to AMH today so we can continue to help more moms like her!


Sherri’s story

Annunciation Maternity Home’s Director of Education, Sherri Lam, relocated to Georgetown after 20 years in the Pacific Northwest. As an elementary principal and teacher for many years, she was looking for a career where she could focus her passion for education, her experience in administration, and her desire to serve in ministry.

God’s timing and direction are always perfect and often revealed in unexpected ways.  The charter school that was on AMH’s campus was closing and they needed a new direction for their education center.  This position perfectly coincided with Sherri’s skills, vision, and timing. Having worked with young women in crisis pregnancies before beginning her career in education, Sherri welcomed the chance to once again serve in a place that offers hope to women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

She has been able to use her skills in administration, education, and ministry to serve the clients at AMH.  Sherri finds joy each day as she helps the client’s complete high school, obtain their GED, or attend college.

We appreciate all our staff at AMH. Their passion to serve young ladies in a crisis pregnancy is so appreciated. Please consider donating to AMH, the monies help to continue to provide the tools necessary to support the educational goals of our ladies.