Who We Help

Annunciation can accept new clients who are:

  • 12 years of age or older AND
  • Pregnant and/or parenting a child under the age of 4 months

Once enrolled, a client may remain at Annunciation until her child reaches the age of 2.

Ready to Apply?

We want to help you! If you are interested in becoming a client at Annunciation, please fill out the contact form or call our office at 512-864-7755 to begin the intake process.

How We Help

Housing & Basic Needs

Long-term housing and basic needs assistance for up to two years after birth of her baby. Length of stay is based on each mother and her need.


To medical appointments, employment, school, social services, and more.

Access to Medical Care

Helping each client access the medical care she needs for a healthy pregnancy, labor, and baby, including prenatal care, postnatal care, well baby check-ups, dental care, vision, and more, as needed..

High School

The on-site, accredited high school diploma program following the state standards for high school education.

Access to College and Trade School Programs

Help developing career goals and navigating into a continuing education program appropriate for each mother

Infant Development Center

On-site licensed, quality, childcare helping each baby reach developmental milestones, and helping each mother learn nurturing parenting skills

Individual & Family Counseling

Individual weekly counseling sessions grounded in cognitive behavioral theory and solution-focused practices for anger and anxiety, depression and stress management, as well as some sand tray and art therapy, provided on a case-by-case basis. Clients meet with the counselor individually for at least one hour per week.

Weekly groups counseling sessions with: (1) teen clients focusing on subjects such as building self-awareness, building healthy relationships with peers and family, and creating paths to the future and (2) adult clients focusing on subjects such as coping and support training for motivation, depression, anxiety and anger management.

Life Skills Classes

Offered daily on-site. Topics include budgeting, financial literacy, nutrition, home care/maintenance, parenting, pregnancy care, spirituality, anger management, sewing, recreation, and more.

Parenting and/or Adoption Education

Annunciation supports both. It’s the mother’s choice.

Workforce Assistance

Help with resume building and job placement support, as appropriate for each mother

Day Program

For clients who have a safe place to live, but need to access the services available at Annunciation Maternity Home on a daily basis.

Walk-In Program

For clients who need one-time basic needs assistance and referral support.

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