Who do you help?

We serve pregnant young women (age 12 and up) who are ready to make a new start and make positive changes in their lives. We help girls and women who need a safe and loving place to stay and who want a chance to make good choices for themselves and their children.

What is the home like?

Our home is located on 23 acres in Georgetown, just north of Austin, in a relaxed country setting, yet still close to various employment opportunities and social centers such as malls and movie theaters. The teen home has space for 8 mothers and their children, and the adult home has space for 12 mothers and their children.  The living room is a family space where you can watch TV or read a book — or just socialize. The bedrooms are relaxing and there is plenty of room for you and your baby! Annunciation Maternity Home is staffed with 24-hour care.

Can you have your cell phone?

Yes, clients are permitted to have a cell phone on campus during appropriate times (i.e. not in school).

Can you leave during the week/weekends with family and friends?

AMH allows leave during the week and weekends as long as it has been approved by their case manager.

How can I be accepted into the AMH program?

In order to be considered as a potential resident at AMH, you must be 12 years of age or older, and be pregnant and/or parenting a child under the age of four months. Clients who fit these requirements are encouraged to tour our campus and learn about the expectations of our program to determine if AMH is a good fit.

Do you have to develop an adoption plan if you come to AMH?

No. Educational materials and information are provided to each client regarding developing an adoption plan, but clients can choose whether to parent or develop an adoption plan. AMH is a long-term facility, and a client who chooses to parent can stay at AMH up to 2 years after the birth of her baby. A client who chooses an adoption plan can stay for up to 9 months after baby’s birth.

Do you have to be Catholic to be accepted as a resident or client at AMH?

No. Religious beliefs do not play a role in the intake process. There are no religious demands made on any client at AMH.

What time do you have to wake up?

During the week, residents are expected to wake up at 7:15am to prepare themselves and their baby for the day, eat breakfast, and be in the Education Center by 8:15am for school.

Can you bring your child(ren) if you are pregnant again?

Yes. A new client can bring up to 1 child with her as long as she fits the intake requirements.

Do you have to provide your own baby crib?

No. AMH provides cribs for mothers in both residential houses.

Are there outings? What kind?

AMH schedules outings as available for education and recreational needs. Clients can expect trips to museums, parks, the Georgetown Recreation Center, Gattiland, Mel’s Lonestar Lanes, and more, as available.