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At Annunciation Maternity Home, we greet all mothers and children with faith in their futures and hope for the good they may do. Young expectant mothers arrive at our home full of doubts and fears, but our program offers them an opportunity to look forward to a brighter future. You are an important part of making their hopes and dreams a reality!

Because of your generosity, Annunciation can offer housing in a safe, family-like environment for more than twenty mothers in our clean and comfortable homes.

Because of your generosity, Annunciation can provide life-changing educational opportunities to vulnerable young mothers, including the chance to earn a high school diploma in the University of Texas Charter School housed on our campus.

Because of your generosity, infants and toddlers can receive excellent child-care in a certified early childhood education facility, where they have a chance to learn, grow, and play among trusted professional caretakers.

Because of your generosity, young women and mothers who felt lost, abandoned, or unloved begin to renew their hope for a life where they feel rescued, welcomed, and loved. 

As Christmas approaches, we remember that this is our season of hope. Christmas reminds us that even in the coldest and darkest moments of our lives, we are still able to find joy, to celebrate our blessings, and to give and receive love. Here at Annunciation Maternity Home, that spirit of Christmas inspires our work and mission throughout the year. We strive to greet and welcome each struggling young mother and newborn child into our Home and into our hearts.

Inspired by the humble birth of Jesus, we remember that even a child born in poverty and obscurity can transform lives and make the world a better place. 

Your support of our mission is a testament to that profound truth. By making a gift to sustain our work, you are putting your trust in the belief that every life is precious, and every person can become someone extraordinary.

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